Dental Practice Management - "A Proven System"

Managing a dental practice in today’s world has become increasingly complex. It has challenges such as, handling Human Resources, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Insurance Verification, Doctor Credentialing, Marketing, etc. Dental Plus Business Solutions provides solutions to solve these challenges, grow revenue, increase profitability, and lets you focus on the basics of dentistry and serving your patients. Dentists help a lot of patients on a daily basis and all the hard work and dedication at the clinic can sometimes fail to reflect at the bottom line of financial statements. With Dental Plus Business Solutions, Dentists can stick to dentistry and allow us to help you on Insurance Verification, Dental billing solutions, all insurance credentialing, patient statements and your accounting and bookkeeping.

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Our Strengths

Timely Manner

Time is a “Treasure” at Dental Plus Business Solutions. We take full responsibility to complete our assignments in a timely manner. We share a detailed timeline of events with every task and we do so diligently.


Efficiency and Effectiveness are key to expedite tasks successfully! After diligent review of your “current management systems”, we consult and recommended changes to efficiently and effectively improve your daily dental practice operations.


We know our consulting services are priceless (as you will also witness). Yet, we are also aware that our services are greatly needed within our industry. We have ensured affordability of our services that will keep us within reach of dental practices. Call us and see!


We are Passionate about what we do and the Positive Impact we make. The celebration of your achievements is what catapults us to do even more and scale right along with you.

Why Choose us

It is not easy and they did not teach you this in school either. You can practice what you have learned and let us show you how to increase your business. You will make more money, in less time, with Dental Plus Business Solutions as your consultants.

Dental Plus knows all the areas of expenditure where you can reduce costs (save $) without harming the quality of your work. Let our financial experts assist with your Budget and you keep your focus on providing the best dental care.

Being a full-time dentist while handling operational tasks of running an effective business; Rent, Administrative, Marketing, Purchasing and IT Solutions place much stress on a daily basis. Let our Consulting Experts at Dental Plus Business Solutions take care of it for you as you do what you do best, Patient Care!

Productivity can be increased by motivating and training employees or staff members. As a dentist how would you do that effectively? It is simple, Call our Consultants at Dental Plus Business Services! Our human resource experts will invest in your employees. With our training and motivation, you may expect a significant increase in the overall productivity of your dental office.

Our approach is straightforward, ensuring your Return on Investment is our Mission when we are part of your Team. We aim to increase the growth of dental offices by 20-30% within the first year. We believe that consulting is worthless if it does not pay for itself.

One size does Not fit all and this could not be more true in dental practices. Every dental office has a challenge that requires a customized solution. We evaluate the practice, analyze the competition, and understand the pain points and only then consult on feasible solutions. Our recommendations are backed by logic and have a means for measurable results.